Shuttle gives SG41J1 'Plus' XPC DDR3 support

Little G41 chipset gets a cherry.

| May 20, 2010 at 6:26 am CDT
Shuttle, maker of the once super popular XPC series of barebone small form factor PCs has just introduced a new version of the existing SG41J1 it called the 'SG41J1 Plus'.


The Plus model is based on the same G41 Intel chipset with support for Core 2 series processors, but gives DDR3 support with capacity for up to 8GB. Shuttle will also soon be giving the option for its heat-pipe cooling system with the SG41J1 Plus in the near future.

Shuttle gives SG41J1 'Plus' XPC DDR3 support 02 |

Shuttle says the new DDR3-supporting Plus model is now available at retailers with a recommended price tag equivilent to 159 Euros (ex VAT).

For further details and pictures on it, check out the full press release here and the official product page here.

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