Digital Storm releases Black Ops Assassin with advanced vertical cooling system

Sub-zero temps in sleek attire.

Published Tue, May 11 2010 4:34 AM CDT   |   Updated Sat, Aug 8 2020 10:29 AM CDT
Gaming PC builder Digital Storm has just released its latest masterpiece to market in the Black | OPS Assassin.

Digital Storm claims this PC to be the world's most advanced vertically cooled system. Taking into account the fact that heat has a natural tendancy to rise, the chassis works in favour of this to pull cold air in via the three large 180mm fans mounted at the bottom of the case and warm air is forced out through the top.

Digital Storm releases Black Ops Assassin with advanced vertical cooling system |

The Assassin also gets Digital Storm's Sub-Zero cooling system treatment that has connection points for not only the CPU and multiple graphics cards (incl. the GTX 400 series), but also the motherboard's chipset and voltage regulators which will certainly go a long way toward getting an overclock most anyone would be proud of.

In base form, this system will cost you as little as $2,387 and comes with a Core i7 930 processor, 6GB of 1600MHz memory, an eVGA X58 motherboard and choice of single NVIDIA GTX 470, 480 or ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphis cards.

Digital Storm's customization process gives the option for some pretty full on hardware, including up to three GTX 480s, a range of various SSD models in singular or RAID configurations and much more. Depends on just how much money you want to throw into this beast.

For further details on the Black | OPS Assassin, check out the full press release here.

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