NZXT packs a good feature set into new Micro ATX Vulcan chassis

Catering to regular LAN Party gamers.

| May 11, 2010 at 3:17 am CDT
NZXT has just launched a new Micro ATX case dubbed the Vulcan aimed at enthusiasts and gamers wanting a compact solution that still packs an extensive array of features.


With LAN Party gamers in mind, the case sports a rubber coated handle for easier transportation. In counteracting space constraints, NZXT has put some good thought into the cooling side of things with options for 2x120mm fans (one of which is included), 1x200mm, 1x80mm, a front 120mm intake fan (of which is included) and also a dual 8W channel fan controller being included.

NZXT packs a good feature set into new Micro ATX Vulcan chassis 05 |

Many will appreciate the all-black theme (outside and in) as well as wire routing holes for easy cable management (important in these smaller chassis'), removable hard drive cage, LED control switch for aesthetic adjustments and a CPU heatsink backplate cutout.

Despite being built around the Micro ATX standard, NZXT promises this chassis is more accomodating to other Micro ATX chassis' on the market when it comes to larger CPU heatsinks and graphics cards.

The case will become available by the end of this month at a price point of about 70 bucks U.S. - For further information, you can find the full press release here and the official product page here folks.

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