Inno3D releases non reference GTX 470 Hawk

With triple fan iChill Edition cooler.

| May 10, 2010 at 6:30 am CDT
Along with GALAXY's new non reference GTX 470 GC Edition graphics card, Inno 3D have readied up a non-ref model of their own in the GTX 470 Hawk.

Inno3D releases non reference GTX 470 Hawk |

This card uses an iChill heatsink with a large aluminum fin array and active cooling across the entire card from three fans. Inno3D claims the cooler is around 10 dBA quieter than the stock cooler from NVIDIA, whilst also lowering temps by as much as 22c under load.

The card itself remains pretty much bone stock, including the clock rates of 608/1215/837 MHz on the core/shader/memory.

You should be able to find the card listed at select etailers and retailers anytime now.

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