Intel demonstrates Light Peak on modified laptop

Providing couple HD streams to HDTV simultaneously.

| May 5, 2010 at 2:54 am CDT
Development of Intel's Light Peak technology is moving along smoothly it seems. A recent demonstration they performed showed how well the 10Gbit/sec connection performs by pushing two simultaneous HD streams from a modified laptop into a nearby HDTV. The laptop was given a special 12mm square chip which allows it to convert the electrical signals into light pulses.

The setup used a special adapter and USB cable which allowed them to pair the regular electrical wires with optical cables. As the TV doesn't have a Light Peak connection, this needed a separate decoding box to receive the signal.

Intel demonstrates Light Peak on modified laptop |

During the demonstration Intel chief technology officer, Justin Rattner said that while Intel has given Light Peak a headline figure of 10Gbit/sec, due to the use of fibres Light Peak theoretically has no limit when it comes to just how much bandwidth it could provide and Intel already has intent to increase the speed dramatically into the future, giving such abilities as supplying data to multiple displays using a single Light Peak connection.

Light Peak hardware is being promised to become available to manufacturers by the end of this year.

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