ASUS EeeKeyboard gets officially announced

Yet we're still waiting on a release date...

| May 3, 2010 at 5:32 am CDT
After a full year of broken promises on a highly anticipated product from ASUS, could we be so lucky that it's finally reached the end of development and final retail EeeKeyboards are about to enter the market thick and fast?

Judging by this official press release from ASUS having just gone up, it seems very likely. Though even with this, we're still yet to be given the final and most important piece of the puzzle; an official release date for the product...

ASUS EeeKeyboard gets officially announced |

Amazon started listing it for pre-order a short while back, but it isn't able to give an exact date of availability either.

Anyhow, if you brush over the specs in the press release, like what's packed in for the $599.99 U.S. price tag and happy to hold out for a short while longer, you might like to lock one in now for pre-order.

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