New DirectX 11 Benchmark released: Stone Giant

Runs on DX10 cards, too; but no tessellation.

| Apr 22, 2010 at 2:26 am CDT
Got a DirectX 11 capable video card and love showing it off? You've probably already run the likes of Unigine's Heaven on it and others, but you might like to know there's a new one out from Fatshark in collaboration with BitSquid which is called Stone Giant.

New DirectX 11 Benchmark released: Stone Giant |

It has primarily been developed for the purposes of testing out the BitSquid tools and technology in a real-world environment. The demo showcases how DX11 hardware tessellation can be used to achieve a high level of geometry detail in close-up shots.

Here's some of the Stone Giant benchmark highlights :-

• Highly parallel, data oriented design.
• Support for all new DX11 GPUs, including the Nvidia GeForce GTX 400 Series and AMD Radeon 5000 series.
• Compute Shader 5 based depth of field effects.
• Dynamic level of detail through displacement map tessellation.
• Stereoscopic 3D support for Nvidia 3D Vision.

It's also possible to run it using a DX10-only card, though of course this will automatically disable tessellation.

You can head over to the source to download the 400MB demo now.

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