NZXT offers more stealthy looking Tempest EVO 'Camo'

Camouflage crazed? Might be your cup of tea..

| Apr 21, 2010 at 8:16 am CDT
Certainly not kind to all eyes, some camouflage crazed folks out there might like the new style NZXT is offering in its new run of Tempest EVO mid tower chassis' dubbed the Tempest EVO Camo.


As you can see, it's going to be much of a love or hate it thing here, which I imagine would lean substantially more towards the latter if we ran a poll. However, this wannabe stealthy mid-tower might just be your cup of tea and it's a good thing NZXT left the specs list pretty much unchanged from the stock Tempest EVO as it's a well suited up mid-tower with plenty of features on tap.

NZXT offers more stealthy looking Tempest EVO 'Camo' 12 |

NZXT is shifting the Tempest EVO Camo for about $40 more than the stock version at $150ish. Further details on specs and some more images (if you can bare to see) at the source.

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