Sharp first to bring four-primary-color 3D LCD to market

And supposedly the brightest, too.

| Apr 12, 2010 at 8:18 am CDT
Sharp breaks a new milestone in the LCD panel market segment announcing today th world's first 3D LCD with four base colors (the standard base colors are a trio of red, green and blue, whereas Sharp has added yellow) to further improve on the quality of its 3D affect over competitors' offerings.

Sharp also claims that this new model of LCD is around 80% brighter than other models in its line-up as well as being the brightest in the market to date.


Complimenting Sharp's Aquos LCD TV line-up, we're not exactly sure when this new model will hit the market, only that Sharp say it will be 'sometime before summer' in Japan and it's expected it should start selling globally by the end of this year.

Sharp first to bring four-primary-color 3D LCD to market 08 |

We should know quite a bit more about it when the company reveals more technical information on the panel sometime next month.

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