ViewSonic make attempts to stir up e-reader market some more

Couple more models for the UK crowd.

| Apr 12, 2010 at 1:54 am CDT
ViewSonic has just added a couple new e-readers into its product range for the UK market which are both very basic to the eye, but have a good amount of tricks under their plain jane attire (available in black or white).


The VEB620 and VEB625 give native support for PDF formats as well as ePub, RTS and of course plain text. Further to these formats is support for html as well as MP3.

The 6-inch 16 level gray scale E-ink screens on these two use an 800x600 resolution and have orientation sensors for automatic rotation depending on how you hold the e-book. Packed inside the units is 2GB of storage, a 0.5w speaker, SD card slot for additional storage and a mini-USB port.

ViewSonic make attempts to stir up e-reader market some more 03 |

Weight is kept down at just .24Kg making them a little lighter than the latest offering from Kindle at .29Kg, but they are a wee bit thicker at 11mm vs 9mm on the Kindle.

Where the VEB625 is superior is in the way of WiFi connectivity and touchscreen support, reflected by the pricing at £175 (around $270 U.S.) for the VEB620 and £205 ($315) for the VEB625.

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