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Live blogging: Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event

What is Steve announcing now?
By: TweakTown Staff | Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones News | Posted: Apr 8, 2010 4:55 pm



Below we are live blogging the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event. It is due to begin very soon at 1pm US EST and 10am US PST. Stay tuned - updates on the way!


Thanks a bunch to gdgt for the images!


Remember to hit F5 for updates!




11:07 US PST: Q&A time now, so that will conclude our live blogging coverage. We hope you enjoyed it!


11:06 US PST: OS 4.0 for iPad sometime in Fall.


11:05 US PST: Damn! OS 4.0 to support iPhone 3G and iPod touch second generation, but not everything will work that we saw today such as multi-tasking. Steve says the hardware just cannot support it.


11:03 US PST: "Let's review: multitasking, folders, iBooks, GameKit, iAd... these are just some of the over 100 user features, and over 1500 new developer API's in iPhone OS 4.0." There was also mail, too.


10:59 US PST: To re-cap, developers will get a preview build of OS 4.0 today and consumers can get hold of it sometime in summer.


10:58 US PST: Mini game within an ad - highly interactive, probably will have some success.




10:56 US PST: Again Apple is making a jab at Flash, saying it is all powered by HTML5!


10:55 US PST: They are not pulling the ads out of the apps, they are adding interactivity to the ads (video etc) in the apps. Apple sells and hosts the ads and they keep 40% of the revenue and 60% go to the devs. The new API is built into the iPhone OS - looks like the ads at the bottom of MSN messenger and Skype.




10:52 US PST: Steve is talking about adding emotion to the ads on the iPhone.


10:51 US PST: Ah, I see now... Steve is trying to take Google's spot as a mobile ad company. They are going to push peoples ads to mobile devices and claim 1 billion impressions per day - that's a lot.


10:50 US PST: Steve is rambling about search on a mobile device. Not sure where he is going with this.


10:50 US PST: Oh great, we get mobile ads now...




10:49 US PST: Apple has now ripped off Xbox Live, PSN and Steam. You have matchmaking, steam achievements and I am sure other things like in game ads.


10:48 US PST: Apple is opening up something called gaming, they are claiming they are larger than both the Sony PSP and the nintendo DS as a dedicated gaming platform. Wow - there is going to be a social gaming network, they are using matchmaking just like Xbox Live!


10:47 US PST: Wireless App distribution looks noce, you can control the apps your business users have on their iPhones. And SSL VPN is now going to be supported, that is pretty cool.




10:45 US PST: Now we see if they can catch up to Blackberry and WinMo for enterprise users. Apple is claiming better e-mail encryption, I am not sure about that. Apple is allowing data inside an app to be encrypted as well. I hope they do not leave the encryption key unsecured in the OS like it is now.


10:44 US PST: Winnie-the-Pooh is the free book, just like on the iPad. W00t... errr?!


10:43 US PST: iBooks is coming to the iPhone, no suprise there, it is another method of selling content to iPhone users.




10:42 US PST: You can also launch an app from inside mail by clicking on an attachment. This is something that we have wanted.


10:42 US PST: They are also adding a "fast inbox switching" feature. Mail will now let you organize by thread, just like Outlook 2010 has.


10:40 US PST: Mail is being updated... Apple is using a unified inbox. You can now have more than one Exchange account. Again, something that you have had with a jailbroken phone for a while.




10:39 US PST: They are allowing you to change the background wallpaper and lock screen just like the iPad.


10:37 US PST: Apple is allowing you to drag and drop apps on top if each other to crate folders. This is something that I could do on my old PPC-6700 years ago. 10:39 US PST:


10:37 US PST: Apple is now adding folders, something that anyone with a jailbroken phone has had for years.




10:36 US PST: Apple is using a "state" aware system to allow apps to be quickly switched back and forth.


10:34 US PST: Apple is bragging about Push notifications, it took them forever to get them, but now that they have them - they are annoying people the world over.


10:33 US PST: You can enable or disable location services per application. You also get a notification if something has asked about your location within 24 hours.


10:32 US PST: You can also use location aware apps like facebook, my space, flickr etc - nice if this is running a little icon pops up on the status bar.


10:31 US PST: Background location is another one they are pushing, this will let Apps like Tom Tom and Nvaigon run in the background while you are in another app. So, you can be on the web and still get told when to turn.




10:28 US PST: We are seeing a demonstration of how Skype works in the background. Nothing on how to actually quit an app that is running in the background though...!


10:27 US PST: Even with the phone locked, you can still recieve Skype calls. Not a bad little feature at all there!


10:26 US PST: Now we are seeing Skype up on the screen there is a VoIP implementation, too.




10:25 US PST: Pandora is claiming they add 30k new users per day on the iPhone. I am not sure I would brag about how easy it was to make Pandora background aware. It makes me think this could have been done a long time ago.


10:22 US PST: Pandora no longer stops when you change to another app, you can keep listening to the music.


10:22 US PST: Ah, they are distilling the Apps down to a few core services, that way if they all use the same ones they do not have to launch one for each app but use the same services dynamically.




10:21 US PST: Scott Forstall is coming up to the stage to explain the implementation of Apple's multi-tasking.


10:20 US PST: Steve is moving back and forth between open aps quickly and simply. This does look more like quick app swtiching and not multi-tasking, though!




10:18 US PST: Steve is showing the standard style of working right now... Looks like all you have to do is double click the home button to see what is running and easily open them, still no windowed mode though.




10:17 US PST: They say they have a new UI just for multi-tasking.


10:17 US PST: Hey, look at that Apple is finally allowing Multi-tasking! Apple is claiming they are going to be the best at multi-tasking, I wonder how Plam will feel about that claim?




10:16 US PST: Looks like they are releasing a Beta SDK. As of today the new OS will have over 1500 APIs, there is in app SMS, over a thousand Math-related APIs for the acclerometer. Apple is claiming a 5x digital zoom, you finally get the ability to create playlists on the iPhone and bluetooth keyboard support.


10:14 US PST: The preview is only a Dev Preview. It is not the full thing we are seeing here, the lauch is going to be this summer as per their usual.




10:13 US PST: Apple is bragging about their JD Power award for customer satifaction. Mobile Safari has a 64% share, I wonder if that would hold up if they allowed a competing browser on the iPhone.


10:11 US PST: The ABC app has not landscape mode, it is something of a dissapointment to be honest. Showing off Netflix, that is a great app, we have been playing around with it and think it is possibly one of the best ones to date!


10:10 US PST: Steve is talking about iPad specific apps, some of these are very nice, others are a little cheesey - just like the iPhone. Isn't this an OS 4.0 event? Come on!




10:08 US PST: Steve says that 600,000 iBooks have been bought as of today. I wonder how many Kindle Books have been bought for the iPad? Seems like the opening is a big "pat oursleves on the back" push for Apple.


10:06 US PST: Steve is bragging about the number of units sold, of course that number includes all the ones they sold to Best Buy.


10:05 US PST: Looks like they are bragging about the iPad during this press event. Not a big surprise, that they would brag about this.


10:02 US PST: Every one is filling up the theater, looking at it I see a lot of netbooks and notebook, not that many iPads... In fact I see no iPads.


10:01 US PST: Looks like things will be kicking off in a few minutes!


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