A-DATA show us 200MB/s USB 3.0 SSD and other goodies in Taipei

2oz copper PCB for RAM now, too.

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Earlier today we visited the A-DATA headquarters here in Taipei and got a close-up look at some of its latest storage and memory products. Watch the video below, accompanying textual information is further below as well.

Probably most interesting for us during our visit was A-DATA's N002 Nobility product. It is a USB 3.0 powered external solid state drive. Chris has filed his review of this product just yesterday, but it will not air until sometime next week - so, we have delivered a bit of an early look at what you can expect in terms of performance numbers.

In the video above we also got a look at the ADATA S599 100GB SandForce SF-1200 SSD, which Chris tested and wrote about here a few days ago. They say that 'seeing is believing' and after checking out the performance of this beast of an SSD in person, it really is a pretty remarkable storage device. The drive that we saw being tested was able to achieve even a little above its spec.

And finally in the video above, we got a bit of a look at A-DATA's brand new XPG Gaming Series v2 memory. The 12GB DDR3 kit that was being tested at the time is actually rated for operation at 1600MHz, but the folks at A-DATA had it running at a speedy 1866MHz with fairly aggressive timings (tighter even than stock speeds). What is also interesting about the v2 is that it uses 2oz copper PCB on the memory modules. You may remember GIGABYTE were the first to pioneer 2oz copper PCB on their motherboards and now A-DATA are the first to bring this improved technology to the memory market.

It really does seem like A-DATA is at the top of its game at the moment and sporting a brand new and improved brand identity, business looks good for the Taiwanese memory maker. We look forward to seeing what other high-end products they come out with in the future.

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