Goober gives iPhone easy VoIP and IM capabilities

Better rates than Skype, too.

| Apr 1, 2010 at 1:48 am CDT
Goober Networks has just announced a new mobile VoIP application and Instant Messenger for Apple's iPhone. This allows people to make phone calls using WiFi or 3G which will cut costs by up to 90% (rates start as low as $0.01 a minute with the first two minutes being free).


Adding credit to the account is a painless process; the user can prepay directly via the iPhone with flat-rate fees and in avoidance of any additional charges to the carrier's phone bill.

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When installing Goober for the iPhone the user will also be given full access to the Goober Webfolder facility which serves as a virtual hard drive that can be accessed anywhere in the world on the iPhone, providing you're of course online. You can add pictures to the gallery which can then be shared amongst friends with ease, as well as having other useful features on tap.

Both Goober's VoIP and IM applications are freely available for download using the App Store.

For further details, you can read up on the full press release located here.

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