Sharkoon give the FireGlider mouse an all-black suit

More aesthetically accepted.

| Mar 31, 2010 at 4:08 am CDT
Sharkoon have made leaps and bounds in recent times, proving themselves to be capable of producing some very high quality peripherals and accessories including their X-Tatic Digital 5.1 Headphones, QuickPort HDD docking station series, top to bottom lineup of PC chassis' carrying extensive feature-sets at attractive prices and much more.


Another product they introduced not too long ago, their FireGlider Gamer Mouse was another big tick for many looking for a well featured, comfortable gaming mouse, giving six programmable buttons, weight-adjustment capabilities and DPI selector key (for up to 3600 DPI). The only issue with this was the outer design, using a flamboyant flame decoration that would have been an eyesore for many who wanted something more quiet looking.

Sharkoon give the FireGlider mouse an all-black suit 10 |

Sharkoon took note of this and have delivered an all Black version of the same full featured mouse that should make it much more attractive to many potential buyers.

Sharkoon give the FireGlider mouse an all-black suit 11 |

The FireGlider Black Edition gaming mouse carries an MSRP of just 24.29 Euros. For further details, check out the full press release over here.

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