CoolIT to give Omni Advanced Liquid Cooling system GTX 400 support

But won't hit retail 'till the summer.

| Mar 29, 2010 at 5:38 am CDT
As feared, yet somewhat expected, NVIDIA's latest crop of high-end parts in the GTX 470 and GTX 480 run mighty HoT! - The reference cooler NVIDIA paired up with the cards was of course tested rigerously on the cards to ensure they'd remain stable under lengthy full load conditions.

But nonetheless, the comfort of having lowered temps (be it for overclocking headroom and/or peace of mind) and decreased noise levels is inevitably in the forefront of many owners minds about their new pride and joy.


CoolIT Systems have an answer on the cards with intent to introduce their Omni ALC universal graphics card liquid cooling system to market with support for the GTX 400 series. The Omni ALC is positioned as a high performance, but cost effective LCS alternative comprising a quiet Ceramic bearing CFF1 pump with a MTTF of 50,000 hours, a plate with high-density micro-channels and radiator measuring either 120mm or 240mm. The unit also comes bundles with low toxicity coolant and some high-grade thermal compound.

CoolIT to give Omni Advanced Liquid Cooling system GTX 400 support 11 |

CoolIT plans to introduce the GF100-ready Omni ALC to market during the summer.

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