Chaintech joins the 2400MHz DDR3 bandwagon

Complimenting its APOGEE GT series.

| Mar 26, 2010 at 3:24 am CDT
Chaintech has joined the 2400MHz memory party with some new APOGEE GT DDR3-2400 modules today that keep to 1.6v whilst running 9-11-10-27 timings. Those timings might not look all that fantastic, but with 2400MHz on tap this isn't so much of an issue. The modules can be purchased in either 1GB x 2 or 2GB x 2 kits for dual channel motherboards.

Chaintech joins the 2400MHz DDR3 bandwagon |

You can see from the image of the modules above, Chaintech has paired them with some unique heat-pipe equipped heatsinks for improved heat dissipation efficieny via the residing fins up top.

Chaintech's official press release on the new APOGEE GT DDR3-2400 series memory can be located here.

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