YouTube growing faster than you think

24 hours of video going up per minute?!

| Mar 23, 2010 at 2:00 am CDT
It can be quite impressive to sit back and take notice of how quickly an entity pulling all the right moves has grown into something previously unimaginable.

One such instance is that of YouTube, now owned by Google which is a perfect example of the above, locked firmly on the rails that steer towards a continuing path to further success and fortune.


The site recently reported that it has reached a new upload milestone in terms of the amount of video content that is being published on there. In June 2007 the stats indicated an average of 6 hours of video were being added per minute.

Now? They're doing an entire day's worth of content every minute. That's right, 24 hours per minute. At at the current rate of growth, this will climb to 25 hours worth of new content less than a month from now.

The chart below gives a clearer perspective on the rate of growth since June'07. Astonishing.

YouTube growing faster than you think 02 |

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