Plextor's first shot at an SSD - Full review online

Can it uphold rep for premium quality?

| Mar 18, 2010 at 2:00 am CDT
Many of you will remember Plextor's dominance in the optical drive market many years ago when it was clear that if you had a Plextor, you had the highest quality optical drive money could buy. Since then competition became more fierce and optical drive technology was fine tuned across the board; for that reason the high price tag that came with owning a Plextor meant that they were slowly dimming out and losing firm hold of the top-end in this market sector.


But not to worry; Plextor isn't short sighted and can see a solid future in the vastly growing world of solid state (bet you never thought you'd see Plextor ground themselves in SSD territory - I didn't either!). They've just recently polished the edges on their first SSD they call the PX-128MIS and the folks at BCCHardware were able to get hold of a sample for review today.

Plextor's first shot at an SSD - Full review online 16 |

Take a look at the review here.

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