Microsoft ditches copy/paste functionality on Phone 7 OS

Errr, excuse me?!?!

| Mar 17, 2010 at 3:13 am CDT
Hmmm, not sure where Microsoft gets off thinking this is a good move, or for what reason, but the company is responding to anyone making the question clear that there will in fact be no form of copy and paste functionality within its new Windows Phone 7 Series operating system for smartphones.

Microsoft ditches copy/paste functionality on Phone 7 OS |

Microsoft made a strange statement that they believe most users, including those heavily relying on Office applications on the go, don't really need copy/paste abilities to effectively use the software.

Err, this might be true to an extent, but it sure as hell makes things a lot easier in many instances that I can think of. So once again Microsoft, why cut out something that's been so widely adopted for so long, even in your own preceding Windows Mobile revisions?

/Scratches head

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