Windows Phone 7 series debuts at MWC 2010

MS starts over with Windows Phone 7.

| Feb 15, 2010 at 11:09 am CST
Mobile World Congress is underway in Spain today and each year at the show, we see tons of new handsets and other tech for mobile phones unveiled. This year is no different with lots of cool new phones already breaking cover along with some very important announcements.

Windows Phone 7 series debuts at MWC 2010 |

One of the most important things unveiled so far at the show is the Windows Phone 7 series. Engadget has spent some hands-on time with the device and the good news is that the new OS used on the Windows Phone 7 series is a new beginning. Hopefully that will mean it breaks away from all that many dislike about WinMo.

The interface is said to be similar to the Zune interface, which was rumored a while back. However, Engadget says the new smartphone OS is much deeper than what the Zune offers. Engadget reports the OS is not without flaws and some points need polishing, still the Os may change the smartphone market if the flaws are worked out.

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