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Is Everyone Clearing House Today?

Is Everyone Clearing House Today? news post from TweakTown's online news computing and technology content pages
By: TweakTown Staff | Posted: Feb 5, 2002 9:10 pm

Everyone must be clearing house today in readiness for tomorrows big nVidia GeForce 4 parade as my poor email box hit it's limit for the first time ever (WOW!). So if I've missed anyone's email cause it bounced I'm sorry but I should get it back later (hopefully) if I don't inundated by GF4 emails. So I better clear these out now.


Over at PC PowerZone they have an exclusive as they take a look at what is at the moment the worlds smallest PC format in the New VIA Eden Platform which fully integrates a CPU into the PCB, which in turn lowers power consumption further - hence the environmentally-friendly 'Eden' name. This platform is unbeleavable in just how little power it needs to run. First they tell us about it's structure and features then set it up as a home network file and print server to see how it handles the chore. It's certainly worth a look at this one.
[Update:] Over at Roland's Technology Website they also have their look at VIA's Eden too.


Today's big billing is Arctic Silver 3 and 3 sites are carry reviews for it. The only real difference between all the reviews is that one uses a P4 to test with while the rest use Athlons but the results all ended with the same conclussion. Arctis Silver 3 seems to be a must for us overclockers but don't just take my word for it go and check the reviews out at Club Overclocker, EXHardware and Tech-Planet for yourself.


Over at the ViperLair they have an article titled, Battle At 650MHz, which has me a little puzzled as to where to put it. The article takes a look at Durons (mainly aimed at the 650) ranged from 550 to 900 and T'birds from 550 to 1200 with a 566 and 850 Celeron thrown in to finish the mix. I think I'll just put their quote on the article in and let you be the judge on it.
"Why do we as reviewers use the graphics and charts to show numbers comparing product A to product B? Its done to show you the reader what the objective performance of the product is. But most people don't use Sisoft Sandra or 3D Mark 2000 on a daily business to do their work. People however do use software for encoding videos, MP3 encoding, 3D software and other different applications. And while people do use office applications on a regular basis they really do not need a extremely fast processor but rather a large amount of RAM."


It looks like everyone wants Chenming cases now with there own nane on them. Antec, Chieftech, Enermax, and now it looks like Koolance has to.




- DDR Performance Guide @ Gyro Tweak
- Windows 2K Detonator Driver Database Updated @ Tweakers Asylum
- Platform Conference 2002 @ FiringSquad
- Too Much Of A Good Thing? The Lowdown On 128MB GeForce3 Ti200 Cards @ Tom's Hardware
- RackSaver Builds a 264 AMD Athlon MP Processor Supercomputer for UC Santa Cruz @ Cnet




- FrozenCpu Dual Switched Baybus @ BurnOut PC
- Global WIN SAK-38 and the CAK-II 68 HSF's @ Overclocked Cafe
- Vulkan P100K and P200K gas soldering iron kits @ Dan's Data
- Thrustmaster Dual Power Force Feedback Gamepad @ MGON
- Ontrack SystemSute 4 @ Monster-Hardware
- Enermax FS-710BB Server Case @ Mikhailtech
- Gainward Powerpack Ti450 @ BurnOut PC
- The Cable Clamp @ Futurelooks
- Iwill XP333-R (ALi Magik 1) Motherboard @ SLCentral
- FireNet - High Speed Home Networking @ PC PowerZone
- 32x CD-RW Roundup Vol 2 @ CDR-Info
- SOYO K7V Dragon Plus! Motherboard @ OcPrices
- Gigabyte GA-7DXR+ (KT333) Motherboard @ PC Hardware


So I hope ya's get all thru that before tomorrow but have a good day anyway.


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