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Lian Li capture rare untamed Spider on video

A lot of taming to do here...

Published Wed, Feb 3 2010 3:29 AM CST   |   Updated Sun, Aug 2 2020 12:18 AM CDT
A video has shown up on YouTube indicating Lian Li are working on an open chassis designed case in the shape of a Spider.

As little is allowed to be revealed at this point, some comedic spice is used throughout the video in an attempt to maintain interest. But given what is shown, I'm left feeling there's a lot to be desired here and am not quite sure what line of thought Lian Li has in justifying that they are onto a good thing with this design. The first thing that came to mind is "desk space killer".

Following that, I thought maybe they're pushing the value factor with this one, as I'm sure a trip to the local tip scouting for scrap metal and the use of my trusty welder would fast result in a comparable contraption.

But hey, it's not officially unveiled yet and given what we're seeing here is in prototype form, Lian Li deserve to be given the time to wave their magic at it and come up with something useful and attractive to open case buyers.

Feel free to check out the video and share your opinion with us in our comments section below.

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