CoolIT refreshes its Advanced Liquid Cooling product lineup

Four new products incl. Maestro wireless controlli.

| Jan 7, 2010 at 6:48 am CST
CES 2010 - PC liquid cooling manufacturer CoolIT has made a big announcement in timely fashion for CES this week which introduces four new products to market.

First up is the new ECO A.L.C. CPU cooler which promises a very strong price/performance solution where budgeters can get liquid cooling into their rigs with ease and at an attractive price point that doesn't compromise its cooling effectiveness.


Next up is the VANTAGE A.L.C. which is a world first in that it has a 2.4GHz wireless communication module which together with the use of its supporting USB wireless controller and CoolIT's Maestro software can be controlled and monitored without the need for extra wiring that makes installs more complicated. You can even wirelessly upload a custom image to the VANTAGE's 84 x 48 pixel LCD display if you like.

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Other features include custom color backlighting, optimization of chassis fan speeds, RGB case lighting and alarm triggering.

Next is the OMNI A.L.C. which is a full coverage liquid cooling solution for high performance graphics cards. The full unit is a two stage system as explained in the press release :-

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a simple interposer plate customized for each model of graphics card allows end users to easily install the OMNI universal water block to a wide range of graphics cards. "The development time and cost to enable OMNI compatibility with a new Graphics Card is vastly reduced and it provides the end user with the flexibility to upgrade their cards while keeping the liquid cooling system intact" continued Lyon.

A very tidy and well thought out setup, indeed. Also featured on the OMNI is ESP wireless technology which together with CoolIT's Maestro software can allow for remote control and monitoring along with any other CoolIT ESP product (such as the VANTAGE A.L.C.).

And finally, CoolIT also brings out the aforementioned Maestro E.S.P which is the underlying wireless technology featured in the above VANTAGE and OMNI products for easy control and monitoring of all ESP enabled products as well as support to monitor up to three fans, water pumps or other devices which make use of a 3 or 4-pin fan header.

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For full details on each of the aforementioned new products, check out the full press announcement here.

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