ASRock H55 Express boards on show

A trio of them ready for action.

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A little birdy has kindly passed on some nice clean images of some various upcoming ASRock H55 Express based motherboards which are due for launch early next year when CES kicks off.

As you can see below, there's both mATX and full sized ATX motherboards being prepared by the company, and by the looks of it they're all in final form here.

The H55DE3 is a full-sized ATX variant with dual PCI-E x16 slots, a couple x1 slots and a couple legacy PCI slots.

ASRock H55 Express boards on show 01

The H55M is an mATX model with dual x16 slots, a x1 slot and a legacy PCI slot. The overall layout is quite well thought out here with plenty of room around the CPU socket.

ASRock H55 Express boards on show 02

The H55M Pro appears to be near identical at first glance, but sports a couple extra SATA ports, FireWire connectivity, what looks to be a superior power management system and likely a couple other small adjustments and additional features.

ASRock H55 Express boards on show 03

ASRock H55 Express boards on show 04

ASRock H55 Express boards on show 05

Of course, all of ASRock's signature functions will also be included on these upcoming boards such as OC DNA, OC Tuner, Intelligent Energy Saver, Instant Boot, Instant Flash and Good Night LED.

We'll be allowed to talk a lot more about these H55 Express based boards as launch nears.
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