Some new Core i7 iMacs are shipping DOA

Or cracked.

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Hi, I'm a Mac

And I am a PC.

Hey Mac, you look like you are hurt...(Concern in PC's Voice)

Nah, I am ok we all come like...

Hello, Mac? Mac?

I can see the commercials now with the latest proof that no product is ever perfect. The new Apple iMac with Intel's Core i7 CPU are showing up cracked, and to make matters worse DOA. Apple, for their part have been replacing both under warranty when these issues are discovered but the issue throws a ton of mud in the face of the boasts that Macs are better quality products. The myth is that Apple has higher standards for quality, better manufactured parts and better QA processes in place. This is one of the reasons they can charge so much more than the same specification PC.

The problem is that they do use the exact same parts that your typical PC uses. In fact they are made in some of the same shops that some Dells, Gateways, and HP systems are made. SO how does this make them better hardware? Now I know I am going to get more than a few e-mails from Apple fans but before you hit the send button think about this. I am not saying Apple has bad products, I am saying that they are attempting to fleece the consumer by claiming their products are better than they really are. They purposely create an aura of infallibility and performance that is just not there. If you are an Apple fan you should be livid by this more than anyone else. Apple is basically laughing in the face of your loyalty and support by putting out products that fall short of your expectations. After all you would never accept this type of behavior from a PC manufacturer or Microsoft, why are you allowing it from Apple?

Some new Core i7 iMacs are shipping DOA |

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