Initial lineup of Clarkdale (Core i3/i5) CPUs listed

32nm dual-core parts w/ GPUs.

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Not expected to hit the market until January of next year, Intel's first family of 32nm processors (codenamed Clarkdale) have already started to get listed online.

A german website has listed six Core i3 and i5 models which also shed light on their respective clockspeeds, amount of L3 cache, GPU clockspeeds and TDP ratings. The lowest model is the Core i3 530, operating at 2.93GHz and showing a price tag of 103.90 Euro, whilst at the other end of the Clarkdale scale is the Core i5 670, running at a stock clockspeed of 3.46GHz and carrying an associating price tag of 252.90 Euro.

Initial lineup of Clarkdale (Core i3/i5) CPUs listed |

Of note is the Core i5 661, the only one in the list with a GPU operating at 900MHz, up on the 733MHz of all the other models. The associating price on this one is presumed to be incorrect. It's more likely it'll be up around the 200 Euro mark.

We'll inevitably see more concrete evidence about the Clarkdale lineup closer to launch.
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