Office 2010 Beta 1 Shows up on Technet

Public Beta soon to follow.

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Today is a good day as the latest in the Office series hits Technet officially. Yup that is right Office 2010 has just hit Technet. Granted it was out on a few um...less than reputable sites a little early but there was also word that those copies were riddled with viruses and did more than a few nasty things to your PC (like resetting permissions and ownership on registry keys).

Still now that the first Beta is officially here it is really only a matter of time before we see the real thing up and running. We will be taking a look at some of the new features offered and will let you in on what you can expect from the next Office version.

For now we will just show you what MS has decided to push up to Technet. I hope their servers are up to it. I know they weren't when Windows 7 hit.

Office 2010 Beta 1 Shows up on Technet |
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