TweakTown System Builders Guides (SBG) are back!

SBG v2 up and running as of today.

Cameron Wilmot
Published Thu, Nov 12 2009 11:36 AM CST   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Long time TweakTown readers will remember our "SBG" or System Builders Guides section that was a popular feature on our website some years ago.

It was retired for reasons I cannot exactly remember right now, but we are very happy to announce that as of today SBG v2 is up and running! It looks and works much better than the first version of the past.

TweakTown System Builders Guides (SBG) are back! |

For one, from our prospective, it is much easier to update and maintain using our swish back-end system - that may be one of the reasons the first version was taken offline. The second, from a user point of view, the pricing is dynamic and updates in real-time. Unfortunately not all products are listed on PriceGrabber (our price search engine partner), so some of the prices are added in manually, but many are updated dynamically providing you with the latest information.

We have three systems in the SBG:

TweakTown Sub-lieutenant PC - for this one our system recommendations are based on building the best PC for a limited price of around $1000 USD.

TweakTown Commander PC - and for this one our system recommendations are based on building a mid-range computer system that provides the best bang for buck up to $2000 USD.

TweakTown Admiral PC - and finally the big daddy! Our Admiral PC represents the best desktop computer system you can build without any cost constraints.

We hope you enjoy the return of SBG and that it proves useful with your next system build!

Cameron founded TweakTown in 1999 after it originally started off as his personal homepage. Cameron was once, many years ago, the only person at TweakTown producing content, but nowadays, he spends his time ensuring TweakTown operates at its best in his senior management role.

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