Zune HD finally gets some 3D Games

and it's about time too!

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So the Zune HD is finally getting some decent games. It took Microsoft a little less than two months to get them out but now that they are hear Zune HD owners can finally begin to show off the power of the Tegra inside their PMPs.

As of this morning the Zune Marketplace is showing roughly seven extra free games and apps. Of special note are PGR: Ferrari Edition and AudioSurf Tilt. We had the chance to grab these free games and to take them for a short spin. We can honestly report that the Zune HD is quite the gaming platform.

In PGR: Ferrari Edition we found the graphics to be excellent while the Accelerometer in the Zune HD offered better control than the one in the iPhone 3G (or 3G S). The game was fast paced and the audio processor is excellent at maintaining in game sounds.

On the other side is AudioSurf Tilt, this game does fail at the graphical level but as a whole is very fun to play and addictive as well. In the game you "drive" along a race track created based on the audio track you chose. You have to maneuver along it collecting colored cubes while avoiding speed bumps. It has a very fun Guitar Hero feel to it and was one that I found it hard to put down.
But with the good there is always a little bad. In this case the Zune HD's lack of a speaker can make the games awkward. To get the sounds you have to use a set of headphones, this makes holding and controlling the player awkward. There is also the slightly annoying issue that most of these games have an ad that you have to watch before they launch. So while the games are free, you end up paying with that annoying intro ad and the wasted time to get into the real game play.

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