AT&T to Launch USBConnect Lightning 7.2Mbps device on the 22nd

Network won't be ready until the end of the year.

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There is a lot of talk today about AT&T's new USBConect Lightning 7.2Mbps Cellular wireless device. For the most part the only thing of note is the 7.2Mbps speed. The rest is a pretty boring USB device. It is powered by a Sierra Wireless Chip.

The thing that many are missing though is that, although the new product will hit the streets on November 22nd, the network to support it is not there yet. In fact by the end of 2009 there will only be a handful of cities with support for the new speed. AT&T hopes to have the new 7.2M wireless service rolled out in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami.

Another interesting thing to note is that there is no mention of the iPhone 3G S. This device was touted at one time as being ready for AT&T's next network upgrade. With the lack of mention it does make you wonder if it really will be able to take advantage of the new speeds or if it will still have to rely on the current spotty 3G network. Hmmm, now that I come to think on that; why doesn't AT&T fix their current network before spending money on a new one? Well, I suppose they may think that they will try and kill two birds with one stone. I just hope that the coverage of the new network ends up better than the current one.

AT&T to Launch USBConnect Lightning 7.2Mbps device on the 22nd |
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