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Sony shows off 56-inch monitor capable of nearly 4k res at CEATEC

$7,700 in Japan if you want one.

Published Wed, Oct 7 2009 9:39 AM CDT   |   Updated Mon, Oct 19 2020 8:13 PM CDT
In attendance at CEATEC this month Sony is showing off a highly impressive 56-inch monitor dubbed the TRIMASTER SRM-L560.

What's particularly special about this beast is its resolution, four times that of 1080p; 3840x2160 to be exact.

Sony shows off 56-inch monitor capable of nearly 4k res at CEATEC |

Further to that, it's been said the LED backlit TV has a 176-degree viewing angle from all sides and is meant to be a color-accurate preview for video pros and others who need large screens.

This is also pretty funky :-

Users can also split up the display into four segments, each with full 1080p resolution, or else into two 2048x1080 halves for the sake of workflow. DVI, HDMI and VGA supply video inputs, but Sony is offering adapters for HD-SDI and SD-SDI more commonly found in the video editing world. Ethernet for remote control, as well as a USB port, are likewise built-in

Availability is said to be from November 1st, but you'll be forking out close to $7,700 in Japan for it if you want this baby in your lounge and there's no definite as to whether or not it'll make its way to the U.S.

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