NVIDIA says 40nm yeilds are fine, GT300 on Schedule for Q4

Says they will do DX11 Better.

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Remember all the rumors about bad yields of the GT300? Well nVidia has come out to confirm what we told you before. GT300 yields are fine and they are on schedule for a Q4 2009 launch. This launch should be at GTC in November with retail availability by the end of November.

Fudo over at Fudzilla is also confirming this with a direct statement from NVIDIA on the subject. They are claiming that the reports of less than 2% yields were based on a mistranslated report from AMD's competitive analysis team.

Also they say that the reports that the GT300 is a rebranded/respun GT200 are baseless. According to the report the GT300 is a ground up redesign and a new GPU. This is good news for the NVIDIA fans out there as recently AMD has been hogging all the press with the DX11 40nm Radeon HD5870.

Still we will have to wait and see what the GT300 bring to the table in terms of performance. Traditionally AMD has been a little better at implementing new versions of DX while NVIDIA has been better at the brute force approach. Either way the last month of the year will be interesting to be sure.

NVIDIA says 40nm yeilds are fine, GT300 on Schedule for Q4 | TweakTown.com
NEWS SOURCE:fudzilla.com
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