New Eee Reader could have dual color screens

You could actually read it like a book.

Published Tue, Sep 8 2009 8:16 AM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:36 PM CST
Today is pretty much all about Intel's Lynnfeild. You will be inundated with reviews and articles about this new (and impressive) CPU. However as this is my first day back from a long 3-day camping trip, I wanted to start things off with some other news.

In the world of small portable electronic devices there is nothing quite as trendy as the netbook. At least that was the "In" thing until the e-book reader hit the market.

Now just like the netbook, everyone has one. Including it would seem Asus. The interesting thing about the Asus offering is that it just might ship with dual color LCD screens. If this is the case it will offer something that no other e-book reader currently has. This is the ability to allow someone to actually read an e-book like a real book.

Color LCDs aside this is one of the big things that I do not like about the current crop of e-readers. They all are single screen and very boring. When I read I like to move from left to right on one page and then move to the next page at the top. It is a habit and what you are used to doing when (if) you read.

Other uses include a pad for notes, a bowser, and more. There is even talk of a camera and mic (with included WiFi) for Skype calls.

So if the rumors are true (and we will be asking Asus) then the new Eee Reader could make quite an impact on the world of the e-book. Especially if they can get the pricing right.

New Eee Reader could have dual color screens |
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