CPUz of possible AMD 12 Core CPU

Is this the K10? or a really good fake.

Published Fri, Sep 4 2009 1:02 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:36 PM CST
Here is our interesting picture of the day. With all the rampant news of Lynnfield and the P55 chipset coming we find this image of what appears to be an AMD twelve core CPU.

The CPUz shot calls it a K10 but does not list anymore details including the process size. For some reason it shows as 0nm. Now, as far as current information goes this should not be any smaller than 45nm as AMD/ Global Foundries has not managed to produce a 32nm sample CPU as far as anyone knows.

Still we can garner some interesting information from this picture (if it is real and not some forgery). We see the socket listed as G3, the technology standards included and the different levels of Cache.

what gets me though is that the CPUz shot shows the FSB at 201.09 with a multiplier of 4. This puts the CPU speed at 800MHz and possibly the slowest many cored CPU that I have seen.

There is no other details, no time line, nothing. But we can look at it and wonder. I still have to wonder if some enterprising PR guy at AMD thought it would steal some of Intel's Lynnfield thunder to leak this.

CPUz of possible AMD 12 Core CPU | TweakTown.com
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