More Core i5 Details leaked

Core i7 for 1156 details also.

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So with all the news about the P55, and the next generation of the X58 (complete with a few USB 3.0 ports) it is nice to get some news on the pending release of the Core i5 and the 1156 Version of the Core i7.

According to some new information we have some specifications and even pricing for the new CPUs.

If the details put together by HKEPC is correct the entry level Core i5 750 will be a little under $200. I will run at 2.66 Ghz, feature 8MB L3 cache, and will have four Cores but will lack HyperThreading.

The entry level Core i7 860 for Socket 1156 will run a cool $284. It will run at 2.8 GHz, feature Four Core and HyperThreading, and will match the Core i5 for cache size.

The top end Core i7 for 1156 will be the 870. This will be a 2.93GHz part that will set you back $562 and should match the other Core i7 for specs otherwise.

All three of these should be out on September 6th.

The question is; will the 1156 socket take off? With the removal of the Marvell SATA 6G controller from the P55 boards, the lack of USB 3.0 and the unknowns on performance over the existing Core 2 CPUs could leave many waiting to buy. We can only hope that the Core i5 and new main stream Core i7 CPUs will have a better acceptance than the original Core i7 did.

More Core i5 Details leaked
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