Iranians bypass Internet Censors with Yauba

Secure search engine offers a way around.

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As the disturbing events unfold in Iran, with reports of Internet censorship and government crackdowns on communications as the political unrest continues, a search engine developed in India is providing a ray of hope for those trying to tunnel under the radar.

Iranians bypass internet censors with Yauba_full

Indian developed is touted as the world's first privacy safe, real-time search engine, offering Iranian protesters anonymous access to information from outside the country which would otherwise have been blocked by Iranian censors.

Available in multiple languages, Yauba claims to be the only search engine not to track its users, promising that it places no cookies on its users' machines and allowing visits to third party websites on a completely private and anonymous basis, effectively bypassing the censors. So twitter, wikipedia, major newspapers and blogs are all open to any Iranian who uses the search engine.

Since the beginning of the riots in Iran, Yauba has reported a whopping 300 per cent traffic increase, with A. "Ahmed" Hossain, co-founder and CIO of Yauba noting "We believe fervently in the power of free information and news to bring positive change in the world. We are humbled by the fact that Yauba is able to play a role in the process."

Yauba is so strict about its privacy advocacy it has even been made an official signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the leading NGO sponsored by the United Nations which promotes human rights standards around the world.

Mull on that Mullahs.
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