SilverStone Shows Off 1500W Monster PSU

Featuring eight 12V rails.

| Jun 3, 2009 at 2:15 am CDT
Computex Taipei 2009: SilverStone is showcasing a new beefy power supply at this year's Computex, rated for a massive 1500W.

SilverStone Shows Off 1500W Monster PSU

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The Strider ST1500 provides 1500W of juice and can even pump out 1600W under peak conditions. Despite the high power output of the new Strider PSU it has managed to gain the 80PLUS Silver certification.

SilverStone's ST1500 is a totally modular power supply providing four 8-pin PCIe, eight 6-pin PCIe, twelve SATA, a bunch of Molex, a main 24-pin, and one 8-pin power connectors. SilverStone didn't mention how much the unit weighs, but it measures 220mm x 150mm x 86mm.

The ST1500 has a single 135mm fan to keep the temps down on the eight 12V rails. While each rail is rated for 25A, the total load for the ST1500 is rated at 110A meaning that you can't fully load all the rails at the same time. SilverStone didn't mention a timeframe for availability but it should end up costing around $450.

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