New Core i7 CPUs Listed For Purchase

Intel not launching them till 31st.

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Two new Core i7 models have managed to pop up for sale on a few sites, including Intel's new flagship, the Core i7 Extreme 975.

New Core i7 CPUs Listed For Purchase

Intel doesn't plan on launching the new processors until May 31st, but that doesn't mean that you can't get a preorder in to secure one as soon as Intel lets them start shipping. Both PCs For Everyone and Provantage have the Core i7 975 listed for sale but the chip is going to set you back around $1100. PCs For Everyone also has the Core i7 950 listed and it will cost $650.

For those unfamiliar with the two chips, the Core i7 975 is set to take place of 965 and will become the flagship quad-core chip. It runs at 3.33GHz and features an 8MB L3 cache. The Core i7 950 is also a quad-core chip, however it runs at 3.06GHz with 8MB of L3 cache as well.

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