Buy Your Own Martin Jet Pack

For ony $60,000 USD.

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Ok it is a slow news day and this is just too cool not to talk about.
The Martin Jet pack is now in the "pre-order" stage.
Yup that is right you can put down a small deposit to reserve your own flying pack.

All you need to do it wire them a small $10,000 US dollars and you are all set. They will contact you about 180 days before it is ready to be delivered to make sure you still want it. If you say yes and admit that you really do want this and it was not just a late night TV impulse buy (anyone want some Kaboom cleaner?) then they just need a little extra. Like $50,000 extra as an additional deposit.

From there you are off to flight training for 15 days and after that you own your very own $60,000 conversation piece and insurance salesman heart attack machine!

Although the price is ridiculous and anyone that actually buys this might have some issues it really is an incredible piece of machinery.

If you do change your mind before the extra $50k you can get your $10k back with a small $500 fee removed.

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Buy Your Own Martin Jet Pack

Reserve your Martin Jetpack delivery position
Put yourself in line to buy a Martin Jetpack with a refundable deposit of US$ 10,000. This will be held in a trust account by Martin Jetpack USA Inc. until it is time to manufacture your Jetpack.

Confirm your Martin Jetpack order
Martin Jetpack USA will contact you up to 180 days prior to your Martin Jetpack expected delivery date to invite you to enter a Purchase Agreement. At this time, you must confirm your order, select your desired options, and pay an additional deposit of US$ 50,000.

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