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Dumbest Gadgets Ever All Together

Almost surely you've owned one of them

Zac O'Vadka | Mar 5, 2009 at 11:00 pm CST (0 mins, 48 secs time to read)

Digital Trends has posted a rather humorous story titled "Dumbest Gadgets and Technologies Ever."

TV Glasses simulate big screen tv's

Some of these I am sure many of you have seen before, some you might have even owned. I think it is safe to say that Microsoft Office Assistant Clippy drove everyone a little crazy a few years ago. Have a look and see what other gadgets and gizmos made the list.

We don't care how many inches of big-screen TV these things claim to simulate, they're tiny LCD screens you cram in front of your retinas. And despite cropping up with new models every year for seemingly as long as we can remember, none have yet managed to deliver the promised experience, or a design that wouldn't get them immediately taken away and snapped in half by your neighborhood version of Nelson. Whether you pick up a pair of iTV Goggles,Vuzix glasses,or MyVu, you've effectively branded "NERD" onto your forehead forever.

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Zac O'Vadka


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