AMD Phenom II OC'd to 6.5GHz at -230c

Posts fastest 3DMark05 score.

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What do you do if your product line lags behind the competition? Well if you are AMD you get a bunch of crazed overclockers with access to some super cooling and have them push your latest CPU as far as they can.

This group was able to cool a Phenom II down to just above absolute zero (-230 degrees) using a combination of Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Helium. Once at a good temp they notched the Phenom II up to an amazing 6.5GHz.
They even managed to break the 3dMark05 record.

I am not sure what this means other than they did it. Personally I am not impressed by 4 year old benchmarks. I would feel this was something if they ran Vantage, some Rendering or a Current game under this OC. But that is just me.

Something else to note is that a Core 2 Duo Clocked at 6.4GHz is only 354 points behind according to the 3DMark05 Top20.

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Ha, and you thought a 3DMark06 score of 5,086 was intense when AMD's Phenom II was overclocked to a blistering 3.85GHz. Just after CES, a team of hardcore speed freaks with access to liquid nitrogen and liquid helium created an environment for OC'ing one of AMD's latest Phenom II X4 chips in -232 degrees Celsius weather. Once the silicon was appropriately chilled, they proceeded to push the clock speed to a staggering 6.5GHz, which proved nimble enough to deliver a patently absurd 45,474 3DMark05 score

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