No Zune Phone at CES 2009

But maybe Project Pink.

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Despite many rumors about a Zune-Phone, it looks like we won't be seeing one at CES 2009.
Fudo over at Fudzilla has been keeping in touch with someone at MS about this, but there was no need to cite unnamed sources as Brian Seitz, Group Manager for the Zune products, went on record to say there would not be a Zune-Phone launch at CES 2009

Read more at Fudzilla.

No Zune Phone at CES 2009

In a strange turn of events, Brian Seitz, who is the group manager for the Zune products, went on the record to let everyone know that while Microsoft might have something special to show at CES, it will not be a new mobile handset carrying the Zune branding. Normally, Microsoft does not comment on speculation or rumors, so the decision to publicly deny this rumor is a strange turn of events.

Seitz did suggest that the CES announcement might have something to do with the much rumored "Project Pink," which opinions seem to be mixed as to what this could actually be. Our sources seem to be mostly in agreement that "Project Pink" is actually a set of consumer-focused premium services that are being developed for Windows Mobile devices that will include Zune services and other service offerings that will come from the Danger acquisition.

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