Obama can't kick the Blackberry Habit

Working to keep his Blackberry in the White House.

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President Elect Obama does not want to give up his cherished Blackberry phone. Despite the security (personal and data) that surround the device.

He is fighting with the laws that prevent the president from having such a device and the ones that exist to preserve all presidential communications for posterity.

The Blackberry (and indeed almost all Cellular devices have means to be tracked remotely. This (to me at least) would seem to be reason enough to do away with the device as it puts the President at risk to long range remote attacks. But not for Obama, I guess he is hoping that big red "s" he is going to have tattooed on his chest will protect him.

The Sidney Morning Herald has more here.

Obama can't kick the Blackberry habit

According to excerpts of the interview released by ABC, Obama said one change he was resisting was having to give up his beloved BlackBerry.

A president's email may be subject to public records laws and can be subpoenaed by Congress and the courts. It may also be a security risk for him to carry a traceable mobile phone.|

Giving it up, Obama said, "is a problem".

During the campaign, he was often spotted thumbing the device and was known as a bit of a BlackBerry addict.

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