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Rahul Sood says HP not closing down VoodooPC

Rumours of HP shutting down VoodooPC untrue.

Cameron Wilmot
Published Mon, Sep 22 2008 8:04 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Earlier today rumours surfaced over at Techgage that HP were set to close down the VoodooPC gaming business unit, that is reasonable for such gems as the Envy 133 notebook and the high-end Omen desktop system.

Rahul says VoodooPC not closing down

The rumours came about after documents were apparently seen by press indicating that Voodoo were returning parts to its suppliers as well as noting staff layoffs.

Voodoo founder Rahul Sood and now CTO for HP's global gaming business responded to the rumor over at Gizmodo and had the following to say:

HP is working on a plan to better leverage its existing resources to bring Voodoo products to market faster and make them more accessible to consumers. I can assure you that Voodoo employees and champions of the brand will continue to work on the conceptualization, design and development of Voodoo products.

While the message doesn't directly address the claims of HP shutting down Voodoo, it does go a long way to saying that the brand and its employees will continue to produce Voodoo products into the future.

Long live VoodooPC? Probably...

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