Gigabyte launches own design HD 3850's

Lars Göran Nilsson | | Nov 23, 2007 2:38 AM CST

If you saw our early shots of this card here then this is hardly news for you, but Gigabyte's in-house designed Radeon HD 3850 has finally appeared on their website. There's very little in terms of product information, the only thing that's really clear is that there's a 256MB and a 512MB version of the card. Gigabyte will ship Never Winter Nights 2 with these cards, just as they are with the earlier reference design cards.

The cards are using a Zalman cooler which means that they take up two slots instead of the single slot of the reference cooler, but the Zalman cooler is quieter and offers better cooling efficiency. We don't know exactly when the cards will be available, but it should be sometime next month from what we were told by Gigabyte when we saw the early engineering sample.

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abit does CrossFire with AMD 770 chipset

Lars Göran Nilsson | CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs | Nov 23, 2007 1:46 AM CST

For those that thinks the AMD 790X boards are too expensive but still wants to have the option to run CrossFire, abit has come to the rescue with their new AX78 board which is based on the AMD 770 chipset. Normally this chipset doesn't support CrossFire but abit has done some clever engineering and managed to enable it, although it's more as in the way that you can run CrossFire on a P35 chipset than the real deal.

This still looks like a decent board even if you're not considering going CrossFire with it, as it has 3 PCI slots and one x1 PCI Express slot on top of the two x16 slots, although as with the P35 chipset, the second slot is limited to x4 bandwidth. The board is passively cooled and it's pretty well spec'd for an entry to mid-range board.

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RV670 862MHz wall is no more

Steve Dougherty | | Nov 22, 2007 3:55 PM CST

Many overclockers have been noticing that their new RV670 (HD 3850 or HD 3870) based graphics card is hitting a core MHz wall at exactly 862MHz. It was first thought that a driver issue or limitation of the GPU was the cause of it.

However, a clever and persistant fellow over at the XtremeSystems forums didn't buy any of that and continued to dig deeper, eventually coming to realise that the exact 862MHz wall people are experiencing with their cards is due to the PLL VCO divider going haywire once you reach this point.

A newly modified BIOS flash is all that's required to fix the issue, which was also kindly provided by the same person.

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Futuremark's Benchmark Ticker activated!

Steve Dougherty | | Nov 22, 2007 4:49 AM CST

Futuremark have just made the ORB (Online Result Browser) a hell of a lot cooler thanks to this snazzy new flash based sub-site they call the Benchmark Ticker.

This site displays consistantly updated statistics in real-time of the most recent person to have submitted their system's score to the ORB. There is a large map of the world shown which is used to show you where that person is situated as well as providing such information as the Futuremark product they've used to bench with, what score they achieved and a summary of their system's hardware.

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Exclusive Gigabyte 750i board shots

Lars Göran Nilsson | | Nov 21, 2007 10:57 PM CST

During our visit to Gigabyte yesterday, we got some very exclusive shots of what is possible the first Nvidia 750i based motherboard to be shown online. The board goes under the name of GA-750SLI-DS4 and this will be Gigabyte's mainstream SLI board, if there is such a thing. It will replace the ageing 650i based product and it offers a fairly decent range of features.

As with the 780i, the 750i is actually still using the older chipset, so under the big heatsink is a 650i chipset, however, if you follow the heatpipe, it leads to Nvidia's N200 chipset, which is the same used on the 780i based boards. This means that you get PCI Express 2.0 support with the 750i, although it is limited to a degree as not to compete with the 780i.

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Gigabyte 780i retail board shot

Lars Göran Nilsson | | Nov 21, 2007 10:27 PM CST

The Nvidia 780i is indeed not very far away as Gigabyte showed us their retail version of the GA-780SLI-DS5 yesterday. The changes since our previous encounter with the board are rather small, but yet important. As you can see, not only the colour of the heatsink has changed, but the southbridge is now connected via a heatpipe as well.

The heatisink on the southbridge has managed to shrink thanks to the heatpipe and the final branding has been added to the main heatsink. By using this ginormous heatsink and heatpipe construction, Gigabyte has managed to get away with a passively cooled chipset, something that the Nvidia reference design doesn't.

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Gigabyte adds Xmas lights to motherboard

Lars Göran Nilsson | Motherboards | Nov 21, 2007 10:10 PM CST

Ok, ok, we tricked you, it's not actually Christmas lights, but we can't exactly tell you what the lights in the video below are for as yet, but this is an exclusive preview of a new technology that will be featured on just about every new motherboard from Gigabyte starting with their X48 boards which will arrive in Q1 2008.

It might not look like much in the video and we're sorry about the lens glare, but the conditions where we shot this video were far from ideal, as the room was some 40-odd degrees warm as the boards were being stress tested. The first board is revision 1.1 of Gigabyte's X48 board and we're not quite sure what the second board was, as it was too dark to make out the model name, but it's a combo board as you can see from the amount of memory slots.

As cool as the lights might be, they're not the actual feature, they're just there to give you an idea of how it works and no, it's not a CPU load indicator. The whole thing is really cool and Gigabyte is getting it patented and it's taken them about a year to develop it. Sorry for the large amounts of non-information here, but we had to swear not to divulge anything too early to be able to post this exclusive video.

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Rock Xtreme 770 available outside the UK

Lars Göran Nilsson | | Nov 20, 2007 7:04 AM CST

If you watched the little video we posted here earlier putting the 8800M GTX against the 8600M GT and liked what you saw and want to order one, you can, even if you live in Australia or the US. It won't be cheap though, but you can at least knock the 17.5 percent VAT off the price, which is always something. That doesn't mean you won't have to pay import tax and other duties when it turns up on your doorstep, but that's a different matter.

Rock is offering three different basic configurations of the Xtreme 770 with the 8800M GTX graphics card, with the only difference being the CPU. Your choice is a T7500, T7700 or a T7800. All three models comes with a GeForce 8800M GTX graphics card with 512MB of memory, 2GB of DDR2-667 memory and a 17-inch 1,920x1,200 glossy display.

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