Google Execs face criminal charges in Italy

In a first of its kind move, the Public Prosecutor in Milan, Italy has filed criminal charges against Google's Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer.

The charges (which include defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data) arose after a video depicting a disabled teen being bullied by several other boy showed up on Google's YouTube.

Google made the statement that this is "totally wrong" because they cannot be responsible for what people do on their site. This is the same tack they take with their other products such as Google Earth. It seems that Google does not feel any public responsibility for what can and cannot be done with their products.

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Windows 7 Touch and Multi-Touch Demoed

Sean Kalinich | Software & Apps | Feb 2, 2009 12:19 PM CST

The gang over at Gizmodo had the chance to try out Windows 7 on an HP TouchSmart PC to see if the new touch features are any good.

Gizmodo ran a good number of tests and filmed each one to show the actual performance. They even played a quick game of touch air-hockey. In all they found the performance of Windows 7's touch functions to work well on the TouchSmart.

I am wondering what will happen now that Apple has a patent on Multi-Touch. Will this mean the death of Multi-Touch in Windows 7? Or will we just see a rise on the cost of Windows 7 to pay Apple for the "right" to use it.

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Apple fears Flash on the iPhone

But the iPhone has always lacked a few important items that have kept it from being even more widely accepted. These are items such as Multimedia messaging, copy and paste, a real text editor and of course Flash.

Flash has been a sticking point with many and of course Apple has laid the blame at Adobe's feet. This mantel of blame was further enhanced when Adobe's own CEO said they were responsible.

But it seems that it might not be Adobe to blame after all. According to an article at Fudzilla it is nothing less than Apple's desire to maintain control over the iPhone. If an unrestricted version of Flash were allowed onto the iPhone, Apple just might lose that iron grip it has. Although I am not sure how much control they think they still have with JailBreak apps so common and easy to use.

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President Obama chooses less secure Phone

If you have been following the Obama blackberry issue you by now know that it is has become a huge issue. Well now we see that what the press calls the first technologically savvy President might not be as savvy as he likes to think.

President Obama wants to keep to his beloved Blackberry 8830; he claims that it will allow him to keep in touch with the real world. I am not sure who in the "real world" he is talking to other than his personal associates as last time I checked his cell number was not available to the rest of us. But that is beside the point.

His choice of PDA is what I am concerned with now. President Obama has chosen to maintain using his 8830 Blackberry (with a few enhancements) however this is neither the most secure phone nor the best phone for him to use.

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Next step for Windows 7 - straight to RC1

Steve Dougherty | Software & Apps | Feb 1, 2009 7:38 PM CST

With the first Beta of Windows 7 having just been released to the public, in usual fashion many expected the next milestone for W7's development would be Beta 2, but Microsoft's Engineering Windows 7 blog page says that's not the case this time around. The next big step will be the move to a near-final version, otherwise referred to as a Release Candidate (RC).

Next step for Windows 7 - Straight to RC1

To summerize the full development path:

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Google says Google maps not a tool for terror

Google Earth and Street View are two very controversial tools. Lately Google has come under fire for both. Very recently Google Earth has been used by Hamas to plan rocket attacks into Israel while the terrorists that planned the Mumbai attack used both Google Earth and Street View to plan.

*Correction Google's Version of Street view is not available in Mumbai or Israel*

Google Earth Boss, John Hanke has gone on record to defend both tools.

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Is the Wintel saga coming to an end?"

Sean Kalinich | | Jan 30, 2009 11:40 AM CST

The Wintel alliance looks in danger of dying according to an article by Theo Valich.

Theo says that the breakup may center on the Xbox 360 and the introduction of AMD's x86-64 instruction set. But that Intel's new Moblin V2 it will finally enter Microsoft's territory; software.

So does this mean that Microsoft is in trouble? Not really if anything they have moved on to other partners. Although the loss of the friendly alliance with Intel will be a pain it is not going to do major damage.

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Japan Researches create Wifi Blocking Paint

Sean Kalinich | Networking | Jan 30, 2009 7:20 AM CST

Some mad scientists in Japan have made a WiFi resistant paint. A group of researchers at the University of Tokyo blended regular house paint with Aluminum Iron Oxide to create a paint that is capable of blocking stray Wifi signals.

What this means is that for the price of a couple of gallons of paint you can add an extra measure of security to your home or office wireless network.

Of course you will still get leakage from windows and other places that you would not normally paint but it should be able to greatly reduce the amount of signal that wardrivers and other WiFi thieves can use to piggyback on your signal.

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RV740 to become Radeon HD 4730 & 4750

Steve Dougherty | Video Cards & GPUs | Jan 29, 2009 11:49 PM CST

Now that the 9.1 Catalyst drivers have been released, german website ATI Forum has dug into the driver information to see what they can pluck from it in the way of future plans; what they discovered is that the world's first 40nm GPU (codenamed RV740) will come in the form of not one, but two SKUs, now known as the Radeon HD 4730 and HD 4750.

RV740 to become Radeon HD 4730 & 4750

Although the device strings throughout the information files show as "RV630", this is just redundant code and is not relevant, unlike the rest of the strings which give the clear picture. The few supposed specs we have seen thrown around are a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface (a mainstream first with GDDR5 memory) and 640 stream processors.

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AMD begin 2009 with the Catalyst 9.1 drivers

Steve Dougherty | | Jan 29, 2009 11:10 PM CST

A bit of a late start for the new year, but the new 9 series ATI Catalyst drivers have finally arrived in the form of the 9.1s.

AMD begin 2009 with the Catalyst 9.1 drivers

The most noteable addition with the new drivers is the inclusion of full OpenGL 3.0 support, but that should'nt mean much for gamers at the moment as most titles are based around Direct3D or OpenGL 2.x. OpenGL 3.0 brings 10 new extensions and support for the OpenGL Shading Language 1.3 spec which are covered in detail within the release notes.

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