MSI adopts NVIDIA NF200 for premier X58 SKU

Navin Maini | | Nov 6, 2008 12:56 PM CST

With Intel's Core i7 CPUs having been launched to much fanfare earlier this week, attentions are now being cast towards the launch of the first X58 Tylersburg motherboard solutions.

We've already heard about two of MSI's X58 powered offerings, yet as this report from TechConnect Magazine states, the company is readying a third iteration which promises to be very overclocker friendly.

MSI adopts NVIDIA NF200 for premier X58 SKU

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SanDisk Speeds up its SSDs

Sean Kalinich | Storage | Nov 6, 2008 7:50 AM CST

SSDs seem all the rage today everyone is talking about them. We hear how they are the future, how they are bad, and how ridiculously expensive they are!

After the news that MS is going to put optimizations for SSDs into Seven we find out that SanDisk is going to put in some optimizations right into the drives themselves.

This will show up as Extreme FFS (Flash File Management System) which is a page-based algorithm to speed up random reads and writes (up to 100 time for random writes according to SanDisk)

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Thermaltake intros Bigwater 780 LCS w/ dual rads

Steve Dougherty | | Nov 5, 2008 11:20 PM CST

Thermaltake's Bigwater series of water cooling systems has just seen the addition of a new top dog model known as the Bigwater 780.

Thermaltake intros Bigwater 780 LCS w/ dual rads

Codenamed CL-W0186, this system comes with what looks to be a decent pump in comparison to what we've seen used in prior kits; the P500 ceramic bearing pump with copper internal housing and a max circulation capacity of 500L/hr.

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55nm GT200 Confirmed

Sean Kalinich | | Nov 5, 2008 5:12 PM CST

There are many people that feel nVidia is in the hurt wagon. ATi has been dropped two single card solutions (the 4870 X2 and 4850 X2) that make light work of the GTX 280. Looking for any hand hold to get back in the race it seems that the Green Team will be refreshing the GT200 (55nm die shrink) just in time for Christmas, with a possible release later this month.

Read more at Fuzilla and at The Inq.

55nm GT200 Confirmed

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Windows Seven To Have Improved SSD Support

Sean Kalinich | Storage | Nov 5, 2008 9:37 AM CST

We keep hearing that Solid State Drives are the future with performance estimates to match the claims. The problem is that when people try and put them to the test we do not see the huge leap we should.

Much of this is due to bandwidth limitations of the SATA 3G transfer standard. According to CNET Microsoft sees another area of concern inside the OS itself. To improve on this Redmond is going to be adding in code to ID your SSD and optimize performance for this

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Russian Scammers Cash In on the Gullible

Sean Kalinich | | Nov 5, 2008 7:23 AM CST

How many times have we seen the pop-ups telling us that your system is infected? If you are smart and have good (and up to date) Mal-Ware protection probably not many.

But it seems that there are enough people out there that do not have protection (or common sense) and click on that frightening pop-up despite some glaring red flags.

FairFax Digital has an entertaining read about how these malicious pop-ups are netting some scammers over $150,000 dollars per week. Now that is a lot of gullible people.

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Google's Growth Raises new Privacy Fears

Sean Kalinich | | Nov 4, 2008 6:31 PM CST

There is certainly no doubt that Google is a giant in the Internet Search and Ad industry. But many are seeing Google's growth as dangerous to consumer privacy. It is not the fact that Google captures information on your searches or that their Google Desktop and Toolbar index information on your system, no it is the fact that Google does this without most people knowing anything about it. The launch of Google's Chrome web browser brought much of this to the surface as hacks around the web found caches of personal information (including cached banking web pages that could be recalled), search information, and to top it off it was uncovered that Google shares the same security loopholes that Safari does (a browser known for being insecure).

FairFax Digital has a good read on the issue and includes statements from both sides (Google and the Consumer Groups).

I think that it is summed up best by this quote "Google's founders may say, 'We're going to protect that information,' but no other company," he said, "is positioned to exploit that information in the way Google is."

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Steam Announces Cloud Service

Steam will launch a new cloud service that will allow gamers to save their game settings online.

This new service called Steam Cloud (very inventive) will be able to store keyboard and mouse related settings as well as paint tag settings. This is a great feature if you are in the habit of playing your Steam games from different systems. The saved setting will be automatically applied as soon as a user launches a game through their Steam account and any changes made will be saved to the Steam servers.

Steam will make this available to all game companies using Steam for distribution free of charge and will go live with the upcoming demo of Left 4 Dead.

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