Hands-on with the MSI CULV U200 netbook in Taipei

Cameron Wilmot | Laptops | May 14, 2009 3:38 AM CDT

Jointly with Intel and Microsoft, MSI held a pre-Computex press conference earlier today in Taipei to unveil its range of X-Slim notebooks including the X340 (13"), X400 (14") and X600 (15.6"). They aren't a slim as American maker Apple has got their products, but they are still pretty impressive.

Hands-on with the MSI's CULV U200 netbook in Taipei

The star of the show and the product which got the most snaps by fellow media was MSI's upcoming U200 netbook. You may be familiar with MSI's U100 series of netbooks using Intel's famous low power Atom processor. The U200 netbook is based on Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) platform and we were lucky enough to get hands on with it.

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No HD 4770 AGP from Powercolor

Sean Kalinich | | May 13, 2009 2:24 PM CDT

For those that were hoping to keep AGP alive for a little longer I have some bad news. A recent ad on Amazon for a Powercolor HD4770 AGP card was a typo and nothing more.

The gang over at Fudzilla contacted Powercolor and they responded saying they had no plans for an AGP flavor of HD4770. They did admit to thinking about an AGP 4600 but nothing else.

It seems that although AGP is still out there, it is not going to get the top latest 40nm from ATi.

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AMD calls Intel "an abusive monopolist"

Sean Kalinich | | May 13, 2009 10:23 AM CDT

After Intel got hit with a $1.45 Billion fine AMD of course was going to have its say.

What did AMD say? Well about what you would expect them to, they said that Intel was evil and they got what they deserved. Of course the failed to mention that they gave Michael Dell a huge break per CPU to get the Dell business in the US back in the Athlon 64 days. They also forgot to mention that they jacked up the prices of the retail CPUs to help pay for this little discount.

But hey who remembers all that...

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Intel hit with $1.45 Billion fine in EU

Sean Kalinich | | May 13, 2009 7:12 AM CDT

Intel got a serious slap in the face from the EU as they levied a $1.45 Billion (yes with a "B") US Dollar fine on them for violating Anti-Trust Laws.

The 9-year investigation was kicked off when underdog AMD complained to them that Intel was unfairly forcing them out of the market. Now I will say that Intel has some...interesting marketing practices but are they really any different from any other manufacturer?

I mean NewEgg offers rebates, CDW offers customer loyalty benefits as does Dell. I can actually remember being offered a 48-Inch LCD TV from Dell if I bought a large server purchase before the end of the month.

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First Look - Power Over eSATA cable pictured

Cameron Wilmot | Storage | May 13, 2009 5:41 AM CDT

We've just been sent a rather interesting picture from a Taiwanese motherboard maker.

After MSI announced its first motherboards with Power Over eSATA recently, we just had to get a look at one of the compatible cables to get a full grasp of the technology. And as it turns out, it seems like MSI isn't the only one to take on the new eSATA concept released by SATA-IO earlier this year.

The shot below is of a Power Over eSATA cable that bridges from a single eSATA port to a connector that includes the normal SATA power and data connectors. You'll end up seeing cables like this at the start and later "normal" single eSATA cables that transmit both data and power.

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Intel Turbo Mode hits 3.6GHz on 975 XE

Sean Kalinich | | May 12, 2009 1:39 PM CDT

There is an interesting article over at Fudzilla that should be of importance to gamers. It seems that Intel's Turbo Mode (which dynamically overclocks a single core in the event of a non SMP/SMT aware application) can push the new i7 975 up to 3.6GHz.

For some reason Fudzilla seems to think this has something to do with the overclockability of the CPU. This is simply not the case. It is just an advanced more to recover performance for single core only applications and games.

Read more here

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Acer Joins Open Patent Alliance for WiMax

Sean Kalinich | | May 11, 2009 2:02 PM CDT

Acer is the latest in a group to join an Open Patent Alliance with Intel to work on 4G WiMax.

The group is working to make WiMax the next standard in wireless communications. Acer is the first global OEM to join. Current members include Alcatel-Lucent, Alvarion, Cisco, Clearwire, Huawei Technologies, Intel Corporation, and Samsung Electronics.

The purpose is to create and maintain an ecosystem to give 4G WiMax a more competitive stance in the market which is currently dominated by 3G.

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MSI wants you to hear the Syren Call of the X-Fi

Sean Kalinich | | May 11, 2009 1:43 PM CDT

MSI is getting into the X-Fi sound card market. They have announced the release of a PCI-e 1x card complete with the Creative Labs X-Fi sound chip.

The card which will sell under the name SyrenSound X-Fi will be part of MSI's new Syren series and will include a USB headphone (Syren Phone Gaming) and a set of Mini-Q USB speakers that should fit in with Netbook users.

The new series is in direct competition with Asus' Xonar series but will be using the X-Fi sound chip as the name indicates. The question now will be if MSI will be like Azuntec and make the X-Fi work properly in Vista.

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