Sony Playstation game The Shoot lands on October 19

Shane McGlaun | Gaming | Oct 7, 2010 11:04 AM CDT

There are gamers all around the world who are waiting to get their hands on the new Playstation Move controller system. Many of those gamers will certainly be looking to play some of the shooting games that are offered for the console and will want a gun accessory to make those games more realistic. The official Sony Shooting Attachment accessory is set to launch this month along with an exclusive PS3 game for use with the accessory or without.

Sony announced today that the retro looking Shooting Accessory pistol accessory will land in the US on October 19. That is the same day that the PS3 exclusive shooting game called The Shoot will hit store shelves as well. The Shoot will cast the player as an action-movie hero that has to go through five different movie sets blasting away at enemies.

The game looks pretty cool and has underwater sets, sci-fi, and horror scenes among others. The game will feature combos and other power ups too. Pricing for the game and the Shooting Accessory are unknown right now.

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Razer offers up new Ironclad mouse pad for gamers

Shane McGlaun | Gaming | Oct 7, 2010 10:24 AM CDT

There are as many choices for a mouse pad for gamers as there are other gaming peripherals. Some gamers like rough textured cloth pads and others like really smooth, low friction plastic surfaces that let the mouse glide around without much resistance or noise. If you are the type of gamer that likes a mouse pad that glides easily around a surface Razer's new Ironclad may be just for you.

The new mouse pad is made from anodized aluminum with a finely sandblasted surface. The Ironclad is made to minimize hand discomfort and to improve control. The mouse pad also promises enough friction that you can aim accurately. The surface of the Ironclad is extra large to allow for more mousing area.

The surface of the Ironclad will work with all mice and it has a non-slip rubber base that will keep the mouse pad from moving around during intense battles. Razer ships the mouse pad with a carry case to keep it safe during transit. The size of the mouse pad is 320mm L x 270mm W x 2.5mm H. It will ship in the US this month for $59.99 and will launch globally in November.

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AMD extends it's AMD Fusion partner program to distributors

Anthony Garreffa | Business, Financial & Legal | Oct 7, 2010 1:04 AM CDT

AMD is stamping it's one year anniversary of the AMD Fusion Partner Program by introducing the AMD Fusion Partner Program distributor track. The expanded program will give distributors access to all of the benefits and goodies within the AMD Fusion Partner Program to help increases sales of AMD-based solutions. AMD is also introducing the AMD Rewards Program - which is being used to add sales-based incentives for partners to increase channel sales growth.

David Kenyon, corporate vice president, Worldwide Channel Marketing, AMD said "It's amazing to see how far we've come in such a short amount of time," he also added "By extending the AMD Fusion Partner Program to all of our valued distribution partners, AMD is proud to now offer them vital information, motivation, support and incentives to help them to be successful in today's marketplace."

AMD Fusion Partner Program Structure

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Intel's next-gen SSD specs leaked?

Anthony Garreffa | Storage | Oct 6, 2010 11:21 PM CDT

With current SandForce controller based SSD's owning the SSD battlefield - it's hard to get lost in the blurry smoke of it all.

Intel did have some amazing SSD's but were quickly de-throned by cheaper alternatives that may have not been as good in some benchmarks, but pricing and availability (as well as range of brands) will always triumph, until now?

The leaked specs think it'll be using memory made by IMFT based on a 25nm process. It's a joint venture between Intel and Micron, as well as the development of triple-level-cell (TLC) flash chips that will give higher-densities and lower priced memory. The source explains that it estimates the capacities to double without an increase in price.

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XFX announce Pro series PSU range

Anthony Garreffa | Cases, Cooling & PSU | Oct 6, 2010 11:04 PM CDT

Long time VGA lovers, XFX have just announced the launch of the Pro series PSU's.

There's always the usual arguments of single-rail versus multiple dedicated 12V rails - but XFX have chosen to go down the single-rail highway by calling it "EasyRail" technology which provides nearly all of the power over one rail.

XFX aren't out to steal the entire market with this release, obviously it's their first range and first time into the PSU market but all of the important features are included at a competitive price.

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Facebook changes - "giving you more control"

Anthony Garreffa | Internet & Websites | Oct 6, 2010 9:07 PM CDT

I know this isn't tech related - but TweakTown is intertwined with Facebook and so are 500, 000, 000 and counting users.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

Facebook have been touting some changes lately - which of course they keep under wraps. With the release of "The Social Network" it doesn't come as a surprise that Zuckerberg and co would use this time frame to update Facebook.

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Samsung announce the world's first 1ms LCD panel

Anthony Garreffa | Displays & Projectors | Oct 6, 2010 7:56 PM CDT

LCD's have come a very long way - from the original 20ms monsters they were, to now 30", 3D/120hz, Eyefinity/Surround Vision setups... Samsung are another first to the market with 1ms response time.

Samsung announce the P2770FH LCD which is rated at 1ms.

Young Bae, Samsung's director of display marketing issued a statement saying "a prime example of Samsung's leadership in display engineering, and creative professionals and computer gamers seeking the best possible viewing experience will immediately appreciate its benefits."

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BlackBerry 6 update promises tons of improvements for the Torch

Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Oct 6, 2010 7:52 PM CDT

The Blackberry Torch made its debut with a pretty large thud, mostly due to speed and responsiveness issues that have been plaguing the Torch and the BlackBerry 6 OS. RIM released a BlackBerry 6 update today that will hopefully clear up many of these issues.

The update promises a while slew of improvements, including faster page loading, app launching, rendering, as well as improved responsiveness and smoothness after unlocking the device. Even audio quality and scrolling are said to be improved with the update. This is a hefty list of promises to keep for one update, but if it delivers even half of this list there will be a ton of happy Torch owners out there. The OTA rollout has started and will continue over the next week and a half, or you can grab the update directly from RIM or AT&T.

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NVIDIA CEO hulk-smashes rumour of foundry switch

Anthony Garreffa | Video Cards & GPUs | Oct 6, 2010 7:43 PM CDT

It's not like NVIDIA is going through enough crap right now - to add to this are the rumours of NVIDIA entering into a deal with Global Foundaries to produce the upcoming Tegra SoC's - this deal would be nasty to now long time partner of NVIDIA, TMSC, as it would see NVIDIA getting all snuggly with GlobalFoundries - who is owned by competitor AMD.

href="">Digitimes reported that NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang emphasised NVIDIA's strong ongoing partnership with TMSC, denying any suggestions or rumours that it may be planning to change partners. He also took the opportunity to discuss NVIDIA's position in the market and how he saw them competing in the near future.

Huang blamed the companies failure in launching an entire range of Fermi-based products for allowing AMD to gain significant market share of AMD's Radeon HD 5000-series. Huang remains optimistic though, as to the company's fortunes in the 4th quarter. He mentioned both growth in China and the recovering markets in Europe and North America.

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Hitachi and LG team up on Blu-Ray cartridge based storage device

Don Lynn | Storage | Oct 6, 2010 7:11 PM CDT

Looking for an alternative to mechanical drives when backing up large amounts of data? Hitachi and LG have teamed up to develop a prototype NAS-like device that, in addition to using four hard-disks for storage, adds two slots for cartridges that hold eight Blu-Ray disks for up to 1TB of data storage per cartridge.

These discs are based on the new BDXL format which offers 128GB of storage on write-once discs and 100GB on rewriteable discs with several layers on each. The system moves little used data from the hard drives to the cartridges during automatic back-ups. The cartridges even include RFID chips that can be read by a handheld scanner to easily find out what data is on each cartridge while it is not in the device. No price is set as of yet, but LG and Hitachi hope to hit the market with this device sometime in 2011.

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