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Rage shown running at 60 FPS on an iPhone 4 at Quakecon

By: Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 20:02 CDT

Quakecon isn't just about fragging your opponents on your high end gaming rig this year. The big news out of Dallas today is that John Carmack is developing Rage for the iPhone, and it runs at a buttery smooth 60 FPS.


Carmack demoed the game on the iPhone 4 for lucky Quakecon attendees and stated that the game would be out sometime next year, which is the same time the game is supposed to drop on other platforms. Carmack also stated that he is focusing on iOS devices for now, so Android fans will be left in the dark on this one.

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MeeGo shown running on an Archos 9 tablet

By: Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 18:59 CDT

MeeGo first made its appearance on tablets at Computex, and now it's officially loose out in the wild. The OS has been installed on an Archos 9 tablet by the guys at and is running. The only that's not working is WiFi capability, but that's supposed to be an easy fix. There's only a few photos to be had for now, but I'm sure some sweet video action will be available before too long. MeeGo looks to be a good OS choice for less powerful tablets that may struggle with other choices.

Which Droid phone is right for you? Hands on video pits them against each other

By: Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 16:20 CDT

Wondering if the Droid 2 is a worthy upgrade to your Droid but can't get to a store to see them head to head? The folks at Laptopmag have you covered. Check out K.T.'s head to head showcase of the phones:

The Droid 2 does look to be a little more than a streamlined version of the original; the difference in processor power and improved keyboard make it a good step up if you like your Droid and want to stay with that flavor of phone. Other than learning the bottom button layout, it will be really familiar. But you can handle remember four new buttons, right? The Droid 2 dropped today, so get it now before the inevitable "Will be shipped by" sticker arrives on its photo.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta to launch on September 15

By: Cameron Wilmot | Software | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 16:18 CDT

According to a report by Engadget, Microsoft is all set to launch the first public beta of Internet Explorer 9 to the world on September 15 in San Francisco.


Early builds of IE9 have been floating around the internet for a while, but the most up-to-date beta builds and builds that are probably considered too buggy for public consumption, have been reserved only for Microsoft beta testers.

The beta that is apparently due to launch into the wild on September 15 will probably be pretty close to what you can expect to see in the final version. At this stage of the game we have no details on when the final version will be ready.

Voice Actions for Android render typing almost obsolete

By: Don Lynn | Mobile Devices | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 15:57 CDT

Tired of having to deal with a keyboard to shoot texts to friends, navigate your phonebook, or do a simple search? Google is looking to make your life a lot easier. Voice Actions for Android has been launched by Google, and it's a lot more than using voice to search or dial a number. Check out the video outlining the features by Mike LeBeau, Google's lead engineer for Voice Actions.

Voice Actions include texting, emailing, listening to music, notes, visiting websites, getting directions, and much more. This program is coming preloaded on the Droid 2 and is available on any phone that is running Android 2.2. This is just one more reason for Android phone owners to clamor for the latest OS update for Android that don't already have it.

Armor rugged X10gx tablet is aimed at mobile workers

By: Shane McGlaun | Laptops | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 14:06 CDT

Field workers that don't have a desk to sit at most of the time would have a hard time using a normal rugged laptop of netbook. Without somewhere to sit the notebook or netbook, typing would be impossible. This type of worker often uses a tablet because input can be made with one hand and these tablets have to be rugged to survive the inevitable drops.


A company called Armor has announced a new tablet computer for this type of use called the Armor X10gx tablet PC. The machine has a 10.4-inch 1024 x 768 transreflective LCD that can be reading direct sunlight. The machine stores to a 64GB SSD by default but has options for an 80GB SSD or a 160GB SSD. The machine also has an SD/SDHC card slot.

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Rumor has AMD launching new Phenom CPUs on September 21

By: Shane McGlaun | CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 13:06 CDT

I think most computer enthusiasts will agree that if you want the best raw performance you go with Intel CPUs for the most part and if you want to save lots of money and can live with a bit less performance you go with AMD. AMD has some nice CPUs like its newer Phenom X6 that launched not too long ago. The CPU maker is set to add some new parts to its Phenom line according to X-bit Labs.


According to X-Bit, the coming out party for the new AMD CPUs will be held on September 21 and the launch will include three new AMD CPUs. The publication cites a source familiar with the plans of the chipmaker with the news. The source also offered up some tidbits on what the three new parts will be.

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Logitech drops new MK520 wireless desktop on market

By: Shane McGlaun | Peripherals | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 12:08 CDT

We can be honest with each other and say that many of the wireless products on the market aren't that great, especially for gaming. I have tried to use a normal wireless mouse and keyboard to play games like COD and others before and ended up with ghosting that was bad enough I expected to see Casper pop up on screen. There are some wireless rodents on the market for gamers, but most of the wireless gear is still aimed at the general computer user.


Logitech has debuted a nice looking new wireless desktop for the general computer user called the Logitech Wireless Combo MK520. The wireless desktop includes a full-size wireless mouse and keyboard. That keyboard has all the one-touch media controls that you need to control your content and a full number pad as well.

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New Apple iTV to replace Apple TV with iPhone 4 style hardware

By: Shane McGlaun | TV, Movies & Home Theatre | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 11:06 CDT

I have had an Apple TV since the thing first came out and I can be honest when I say it sucks massively. The thing is worthless, I can buy DVD copies of movies or TV shows at the store for about the same price as the cost on iTunes. There was never any decent streaming content offered on the device either making it mostly just there taking up space on my entertainment center.


Apple is reportedly set to replace the Mac Mini looking Apple TV device with a new and much smaller device dubbed iTV. The iTV is said to be an iPhone 4 on the inside and stream in up to 720p resolution. The Apple TV was able to support 1080p. We can only hope if the rumor is true about iTV, it is a much better supported and operating product than Apple TV was.

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ECS offers up new enthusiast mainboard called P55H-AK

By: Shane McGlaun | Motherboards | Posted: Aug 12, 2010 @ 10:04 CDT

I think the thing that most gamers and computer enthusiasts expect from their hardware to start with is performance. If we have more than one option offering the same performance and one looks cooler, it's usually a no brainer to buy the good looking schwag. This is especially true if you are using a PC chassis with windows. ECS has unveiled a cool looking new mainboard called the P55H-AK.


The mainboard is aimed directly at the hardcore gamer and enthusiast and has a slick design that is black and white in color. This is one of the best looking mainboards I have seen. The big feature of the board isn't the good looks though; it's the performance and overclocking promise. The board is designed to deliver massive overclocking potential to the enthusiast.

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